EZ Care Chair Transfer, Showering, Toileting Chair Rear View
A caregivers answer.

EZ Care Chair

The EZ Care ChairTM is a no-lift mobile chair and  transfer device that transfers and transports dependent patients. It  is not yet available for purchase. The system provides a cost effective way for a single caregiver to transfer a patient from the bed. The chair makes showering and toileting, the two most challenging and labor-intensive activities of daily living (ADLs), safer and faster which drastically reduces nursing costs.

Please visit the  EZCareChair YouTube channel for videos on transfer, showering, and toileting.

The Problem

Medicaid cost increases are unsustainable because of the high cost of caring for dependent patients. The $250B now spent yearly on dementia care  will grow to $500B by 2030 and $1200B by 2050 (alz.org). Since there is no effective medical treatment for dementia, these costs arise from simple daily care-taking activities. Care-taking is expensive because existing patient care methods and technologies are inefficient and hazardous when performing common Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The result is wasted nursing resources, caregiver injury and burnout, patient falls,  and the forced admission of patients into costly nursing homes. The high cost of showering, toileting, transfer, and mobility challenges both caregivers and institutions, and will become a full-blown crisis as Medicaid costs double in the next decade.

The chair becomes a gurney for no-lift bed transfer
A safe and efficient option.

The Solution

The EZ Care Chair offers a safe and efficient option for transfer and mobility. Now, patient transfer, showering, and toileting are manageable tasks for a single caregiver. The EZ Care Chair method includes the following steps:

  1. Create stretcher under patient
  2. Transfer laterally
  3. Convert stretcher to mobile chair
  4. Access ADL’s– see videos of caregiver-assisted and self-toileting options
Why this solution works.

Weekly total transfer time saved
by caregivers using EZ Care Chair.

Multiple benefits.

The Advantages

The advantages of the chair over patient lifts are:

  • Single caregiver transfer
  • ~80% reduction in daily transfers required
  • Greatly reduced caregiver, patient injury
  • Faster transfer, showering, toileting
  • Minimal patient pain, disturbance
  • Usable in home care
  • Fast care of incontinent patients- see video: Changing adult briefs
  • Multiple options for self-toileting

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