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Multiple Benefits

The multiple benefits of the EZ Care Chair™ make it the obvious choice when caring for fully or maximally dependent patients:

  • Single caregiver transfer
  • Reduced Covid-19 caregiver-patient cross infection (see low-contact “touchless” patient transfer video)
  • Reduced liability, Workers Comp. costs, caregiver occupational injuries
  • 80% fewer transfers – no transfers for showering, toileting
  • Fast access to toilet, commode, shower (see charts below)
  • Fast toileting – reduced incontinence, less use of briefs, diapers, pull-ups – see video of 90 second toileting process
  • Optional self-toileting and self-showering for more functional patients – see  45 second self-toileting and 30 second self-toileting videos
  • Safer than floor or overhead lifts which can drop patients
  • Caregiver transfer time reduced by 60 to 80%
  • Incontinent patients wearing briefs can be changed in the chair (no patient transfer to the bed required)
  • Less invasive than sling transfer – no bending, compressing, dragging during transfer
  • Reduced pain, anxiety, less tearing and bruising of skin
  • Transfer in supine or prone position
  • One size fits all transfer sheet – no sizing or assessment (required with sling selection)
  • Compact design – transfer system, mobile chair in one unit
  • Easy storage, like a wheelchair – no “equipment room” needed

Transfer Time Savings Per Week

What this means…

The chart shows the weekly caregiver time required to transfer patients – bed to mobile chair,  and mobile chair to toilet/commode or shower. The EZ Care Chair™ is 60% to 90% faster (in caregiver minutes) than a sling lift.  For instance, using the commode 4 times a day (2 transfers, to and from, per visit) requires 56 weekly transfers (4 x 2 x 7 days) . Because transfers are so labor-intensive, streamlining them will substantially reduce the cost of patient care.


Weekly total transfer time saved
by caregivers using EZ Care Chair.

10 hours

Weekly caregiver hours saved per
patient (2.4 hrs. instead of 12.7 hrs.)

Caregiver Time Saved Comparison

Single Transfer: Sling Lift vs. EZ Care Chair™